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I would have to say that our best work is in the shower. Literally.
Over 25 years of doing tile, we've seen about everything that could cause a shower area to fail. Water is a very destructive force. There is more to building a shower than the final stage of the tile setting. There has to be a full understanding of how to protect the integrity of the job and the rest of your home from moisture and mold damage.

 Building Codes do not address how to successfully build a wet area in your home, and unless an installer has remodeled hundreds of showers and tub hops, he will not have the experience to know how to build a shower correctly. He must also care enough to apply that knowledge to the project. What is amazing is the number of New Construction homes with failed shower areas. 

The One Year Warranty?
Contractors breathe a sigh of relief if they don't have to redo work before the standard one year warranty the County imposes on them.
A shower should last for a decade or more if it is built correctly.

Craftsmanship defined: 
The tub shower area of my home was installed in 1958, the year before I was born!
It is still as sound as the day it went in.
That's what I'm talkin about !!!
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